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Log Splitter Assembly & How-To Tech Videos

RuggedMade produces commercial grade log splitters at a price that's right for homeowners, firewood sellers, and general contractors who offer wood clearing, storm cleanup, and other tree or arborist related services.

Our video library has important information on assembly and safe operation of your RuggedMade log splitter. Our library is always growing with helpful how-to videos, customer insights and reviews - videos from real users. Do you have a video you'd like to share? Contact us.

RuggedMade 300 Series Log Splitters

Introduction to the RuggedMade RS-322 Log Splitter

Introducing the RS-322 22-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter. The RuggedMade 322 is priced right for the home or commercial user. You will not find a better value anywhere. All splitters come with a one year parts warranty. We ship all over the US from our warehouses in Boston, Memphis and Oregon.
For more information call us at 1-855-RUGGED (1-855-878-4433).

Intro to RS-322 by RuggedMade

Assembling the RS-322

The RS-322 arrives as a complete kit and can be assembled in an afternoon. Watch the RS-322 assembly video for more information.

Key features include:

  • 4-inch diameter welded cylinder
  • Oversized 2-1/4" diameter rod
  • Fee-flowing 3/4" cylinder & valve ports
  • Slip-on 4-way blade included
  • 8 gallon hydraulic tank with pre-filter
  • Heavy-duty 6" x 6" steel beam

Always wear protective gear when operating hydraulic equipment.

Getting Started is Fast & Easy

The standard 212cc 6.5hp pull start engine is quiet and efficient. (The model shown in this video has the optional electric start.) Also available with Honda GC190. Optional electric start provides quick & easy starting. Battery tray (shown) is included with the optional electric start kit.

Ergonomic Design & Useful Features Increase Productivity, Ease Physical Strain

Included 4-way blade triples efficiency. 4-way blades are rarely available on splitters in this class! Power through most hard or knotty logs. Dual cradles center logs and a heavy-duty catcher tray (available separately) attaches easily, minimizes back strain, and increases productivity.

Push-through splitters like the RS-322 reduce workload. Waist-level working height beam puts the action within reach and relieves back strain. The push plate has grease fittings for smooth action and minimal wear on the beam. Each log pushes the previous log past the blade and onto the pile - no more moving split logs out of the way before splitting the next log. Nasty knots are no match.

  • 24 inch stroke
  • 13GPM two-stage "Hi/Low" gear pump
  • 11-second cycle time
    The RS-322 is fast on the way out and wicked fast on the way back!
  • Auto return valve

Fast, Efficient, Portable

Wood piles up fast with the RS-322 - the catcher tray is easy to attach and remove. It mounts right on the blade for storage or transporting.

  • Standard 2" towing ball
  • 10" wheels
  • Tow at up to 40mph
  • Safety chains included

Check out the entire RuggedMade 300 Series now!

RuggedMade 500 Series Log Splitters

The entire 500 Series of 22, 28, and 37 ton log splitters offers high performance and heavy duty commercial features at an unbeatable price, making them the best value in a hydraulic log splitter anywhere. All splitters come with a one year parts warranty. We ship all over the US from our warehouses in Boston, Memphis and Oregon.
For more information call us at 1-855-RUGGED (1-855-878-4433).
Check out the entire RuggedMade 500 Series now!

Intro to RS-537 by RuggedMade

Assembling the RS-522, 528, 537

RS-537 by RuggedMade Log Splitters

Introducing the RS-537 37 ton hydraulic tip-up log splitter. The RuggedMade 537 is priced right for the home or commercial user. You will not find a better value anywhere.

Key features include:

  • 5-inch diameter welded cylinder
  • 24" stroke
  • 2" diameter rod
  • Heavy-duty 6" x 6" steel eyebeam
  • 8 gallon hydraulic tank with reusable steel mesh filter
  • 10 weight AW32 hydraulic fluid (not included)
  • 301cc 10hp overhead valve (OHV) engine
  • Vented cap with built-in dipstick
  • Powder coated parts for durability
  • 4-way blade included
  • 2-inch ball & safety chains for towing included
  • 10-inch wheels & fenders included
  • Tow at up to 40mph

Always wear protective gear when operating hydraulic equipment.

Commercial Grade Power & Reliability

The 301cc 10hp electric start engine provides quick and easy starting, and is quiet and efficient. Carb compliant engines are also available for customers in California.

We stand behind our log splitters with a one year parts warranty and we keep every part in stock.

Built to Last Durability & Features

The cast steel splitting wedge is designed to split even the toughest, knottiest logs. The base has a grease fitting to keep the track lubricated. Most components are powder coated for durability. The heavy duty eyebeam is 6 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches. Two support legs provide a stable platform for splitting. They both fold and lock in the up and down positions for safe towing.

Log Knock-Off

The main splitting wedge also includes 4-way wings, or blades, which bolt on to the wedge and reduce the amount of time it takes to split firewood. These incredibly useful features are not available on most splitters from other makers.

10-Inch Wheels, Fenders, Trailer Hitch & Safety Chains

The trailer hitch takes a standard 2-inch ball and includes safety chains. The 10-inch wheels are suitable for towing up to 40 miles per hour and include fenders.

Ergonomic Design for Increased Productivity, Less Strain

Tip-up (horizontal/vertical) splitters like the RS-537 reduce workload and physical strain. Tall frame height reduces back strain – the operator doesn't have to hunch over. The centrally located valve is convenient to operate from either side and puts the action within reach, which relieves back strain. The splitting wedge slider plates have Zerk grease fittings to keep the track lubricated for smooth action and less wear on the beam – and less wear on the operator. Power through most hard or knotty logs with ease.

There are two cradles and a V welded to the foot plate to hold the log in place while splitting. The single-spool valve features an auto-return detent, which means the lever stays in the return position until the rod is fully retracted. Once it's retracted, the lever kicks off automatically into the neutral position. This leaves you free to load the next log. For safe operation, be sure to keep an eye on the wedge as it's retracting.

Hydraulic Power & Speed

A 16 gallon per minute two-stage high/low gear pump powers the hydraulic system. It delivers a 14 second out-and-back cycle time. It draws hydraulic fluid through a reusable steel mesh filter. The hydraulic tank holds 8 gallons of 10 weight AW32 hydraulic fluid (sold separately) – a larger capacity than most splitters on the market. Having this much oil keeps the system cooler, and there is an automatic low oil cut-off switch. The tank comes with a vented cap with a built-in dipstick. Half-inch high pressure hoses connect the high quality fittings. A jaw coupler connects the pump to the engine. The safety cover on the pump mount bracket helps prevent injury and prevents debris from getting inside. A three quarter inch return line allows the system to flow more freely and keep running so you can get the job done fast.

Check out the entire RuggedMade 500 Series now!

RuggedMade 700 Series Log Splitters

Intro to RS-737 by RuggedMade

Assembling the RS-737

Introduction to the RS-737 Log & Firewood Splitter by RuggedMade

Introducing the RS-737 37-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter. The RuggedSplit 737 is an easy to use push through horizontal firewood splitter. All RuggedMade splitters are built with commercial grade durability but priced low enough even for at home use! Includes a one year parts warranty. We ship our splitters all over the US from our warehouses in Oregon, Memphis and Boston.

Tech Videos

Installing a Log Splitter Pump Mount Bracket

Engine Valve Clearance Inspection and Adjust

Replace Electric Start Solenoid

Starting and Troubleshooting Briggs Engine on Plate Compactor

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