Cylinders 101: Covering the Basics

Get to know the basics about hydraulic cylinders, plus learn more about RuggedMade's cylinder lineup.

Video Transcript

RuggedMade hydraulic cylinders are built to help you tackle the tough jobs. We started with large, five-inch inner diameter hydraulic cylinders for use on the RuggedSplit line of wood splitters and now we offer an expanded lineup of welded and tie-rod cylinders in a variety of sizes and configurations.

These larger, welded cylinders are very popular as replacements on many different log splitters, and many of our customers are DIY-ers who are fabricating their own machines, such as wheel crushers, log splitters, and forge presses. We offer both welded and tie-rod cylinders that are suited to a range of applications. Our customers have used these to build car lifts, grapple buckets, and crane hoists, as well as to replace the OEM cylinders on many different types of equipment.

This 2x8 cylinder is quite popular to add a lift to a wood splitter. This is a top-link cylinder with ball swivels that adds a lot of functionality to the three-point hitch on many tractors, and this is an easy drop-in replacement for many popular models of snowplow.

RuggedMade cylinders are manufactured out of high grade steels. Cast, forged, and billet parts are precision-machined to tight tolerances. Our welded cylinders all feature a threaded gland end cap for strength. We use high-grade seals to ensure high performance and long life. Most of our cylinders are rated for up to 3000 PSI working pressures and that includes our tie-rod cylinders. Cylinders feature a durable paint with UV-protection baked in and the rods are chrome-plated and finely polished for a smooth, tough finish. Cylinders are shipped directly to your door so you can get your project going quickly. If you're interested in purchasing in volume and need a particular specification, we'd be happy to discuss options with you. So, for a great selection of affordable and heavy-duty cylinders, be sure to visit us at