Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

Brawn Meets Beauty RuggedMade Hydraulic Cylinders

Expertly crafted using the highest grade materials, RuggedMade log splitter hydraulic cylinders are real workhorses that will not disappoint. Designed to tackle the toughest jobs in various applications, they are the perfect choice for upgrading or building your own log splitter.

In addition to log splitter cylinders, we offer a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders to meet the specifications of many hydraulic applications, including compact construction equipment, forestry, agricultural implements, transportation equipment, race car lifts, and waste processing. You can choose from welded or tie-rod construction and mounting types, including clevis mounts and cross tube mounts.

Learn More About RuggedMade Cylinders

At RuggedMade, we know a thing or two about hydraulic cylinders. Having designed some of the best cylinders you'll find on any log splitter, we applied all of that expertise when developing our impressive line of multi-purpose cylinders.

Whether you're shopping for a replacement cylinder or fabricating your own machine, RuggedMade has the right cylinder to get the job done.

High-quality components and outstanding versatility are why the pros turn to RuggedMade hydraulic cylinders. Watch the video to learn more.

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