Plate Compactors

Plate Compactors

Breeze Through
Subsurface Prep
With A RuggedMade
Vibratory Plate Compactor

Sidewalks, driveways, patios, and hardscapes are only as good as the quality of the work put into preparing their subsurface materials. With a RuggedMade walk-behind vibratory plate compactor, you'll get consistent professional results on all your projects. 

Our plate compactors handle all kinds of substrate materials, including sand, dirt, stone dust, crushed stone, and other granular materials. They offer smooth controls, speed, and easy operation.

The RuggedMade line of plate compactors includes machines with various base plate sizes, compaction force ratings, and compaction depth capabilities. In addition, we offer plate compactors for sale that move in a single forward direction and those with hydraulic throttles for easily shifting between forward and reverse.

Prepping Done Right

No matter how big or small your hardscaping projects might be, RuggedMade has the right plate compactor to complete the job on time.

When you need lighter compacting in tight quarters, a forward plate compactor is the perfect choice. These machines excel in narrow spaces and are easy to transport. 

If you need heavy compaction over larger spaces, take a look at our lineup of beefy reversible plate compactors. All three models are equipped with Honda engines and come in three compaction force options: the RCH260 (5,620 lbs of force), the RCH280 (6,744 lbs of force), and the top-of-the-line RCH780 (8,992 lbs of force). The hydraulic control drive makes it simple to adjust speed and switch between forward and reverse directions.

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