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RCH260 Reversible Plate Compactor: Honda 163cc, 26" x 16" Base

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The RCH260 Reversible Plate Compactor is the smallest reversible machine in our lineup. Better suited for tighter areas, The RCH260 is able to handle a variety of compaction projects such as trenches, road repairs, sidewalks, and foundations. The hydraulic control drive makes it a breeze to adjust speed and switch between forward and reverse directions.

    • Hydraulic controls for smooth direction change and speed adjustments
    • Reverse travel safety cut off when the control lever is released
    • Honda 163cc engine
    • 26" x 16" vibratory base plate
    • 16" compaction depth

Professional-grade power and control

Providing 5,620 pounds of compaction force per square foot and 5,400 vibrations per minute, the RCH260 is ideal for professionals looking for a powerful, efficient, and affordable reversible walk-behind plate compactor. Powered by a 5 HP Honda GX160 4-stroke gas engine, the RCH260 is reliable and built to withstand the heavy use experienced on the job site. It is an ideal machine for landscapers, builders, public works departments, and utility companies.

The easy-to-use hydraulic controls provide smooth and effortless operation at maximum traveling speeds of 80 feet per minute and when transitioning between forward and reverse directions. As a safety precaution when operating in reverse, the compactor automatically reverts to a slow forward speed when the control lever is released.

Equipped with a 26" x 16" impact-resistant iron base plate, this RCH260 is capable of compacting soils up to 16" deep while covering up to 4,800 square feet per hour. Suitable applications include hardscapes, retaining walls, patios, foundations, utility trenches, sidewalks, driveways, and road repairs.

The rubber-insulated handlebar helps absorb vibration. A folding handle and a hoist lift eye on the steel roll cage make it easy to transport to and from the job site.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 51-COMP-RCH260-HD
  • Area Capacity: 5,400 sq. feet per hour
  • Compaction Depth: 16"
  • Compaction Force: 5,620 lbs
  • Travel Control: Hydraulic
  • Direction: Forward / Reverse
  • Engine: Honda GX160 163cc (5hp)
  • Fuel: Unleaded Gas
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 gal
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Oil: 10W30
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 53" x 16" x 35"
  • Base Plate (L x W): 25" x 16"
  • Weight: 262 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 54" x 40" x 45"
  • Shipping Weight: 290 lbs
  • Travel Speed: 90 ft/min
  • Vibration Rate: 4,300 per minute

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RCH260 Reversible Plate Compactor: Honda 163cc, 26" x 16" Base

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