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  1. Tech Corner: Log Splitter Valve Replacement
    How to Replace a Log Splitter Valve: RuggedSplit 700-Series
    SKU: V-00024

    This Tech Corner takes you step-by-step through how to install a replacement valve on a RuggedMade 700-series log splitter. This single spool hydraulic directional control valve features a power beyond circuit that is well suited to multiple valve set-ups, which the 700-series of wood splitters have, thanks to its hydraulically powered log lift. If you are experiencing a leaky valve situation, this video will show you one option that may solve the issue.


    It can be a messy job, so wear hand and eye protection as you follow along at home!

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  2. How to Fix an Engine Starting Issue: Ignition Coil Test
    How to Fix an Engine Starting Issue: Ignition Coil Test
    SKU: V-00047

    If your small engine doesn't start, either with the electric or pull-start, it may not be getting spark because the ignition coil is grounded out. This video will show the steps to isolate the ignition coil from the wiring harness, ignition switch, electric start panel, and low oil shutoff.

    If bypassing the electrical components mentioned above using our technique, there is an issue with one of those components. There is an additional path to ground preventing the ignition coil from generating a spark. Watch the video for our recommended steps to resolve the issue.

    Applies to many lawn and garden engines based on the Honda GX series and most "clones," including Loncin, Lifan, Rato, Raven, and Harbor Freight Predator.

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