Rugged Equipment For Construction Jobs
Big Or Small

No matter if you are a DIY'er or a contractor, every construction project is a big job. At RuggedMade, we offer a curated selection of small construction equipment for sale that helps you get the work done on time with professional results.

For compaction projects, RuggedMade walk-behind vibratory plate compactors can handle all types of substrate preparation for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and hardscape projects. For smaller areas requiring high-impact compaction, check out our heavy-duty tamping rammer. In addition, we offer a vibratory drum roller that's ideal for patching asphalt and compacting cohesive and granular soils.

When your project calls for concrete and asphalt surface plaining and milling, a RuggedMade scarifier will get the job done. Choose from one of four scarifier drums for various applications, including concrete edging, asphalt grooving, sidewalk leveling, and marking or stain removal.

RuggedMade's concrete cutters provide a stable platform for the high-vibration task. As with all our new construction equipment, they're made for performance and reliability under tough conditions.