Log Splitter Beams & Legs

Log Splitter Beams & Legs

Build Or Repair With Our Log Splitter
Beams & Support Legs

Whether you're looking to build your own log splitter or repair an existing machine, we've got the log splitter beams and support legs to get the job done.

Our log splitter I-beams are thoughtfully designed and constructed from structural solid steel. Carefully crafted with industrial-grade welds, our wood splitter beams are the perfect backbone for your build. There are factory pre-drilled holes in the webbing for attaching log cradles, a log lift, or accessory work tables. Mounting points for hydraulic cylinders are already welded in place.

Our bipod support legs, found on our 300 and 700 Series log splitters, are designed to provide stability while operating the machine, then fold up and lock into position when towing the machine. It will be an essential component if you're building a wood splitter equipped with a hydraulic log lift like ours.

Firm ground is found by our single support legs when operating our 500 Series log splitter. When splitting in the horizontal position, a front leg folds down and is locked into position. And when splitting in the vertical position, a back support leg drops down to support the machine. This single support leg is perfect for your tip-up wood splitter build too!

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