Will it Split? Frozen Watermelon and Other Fruit

Who needs a Ginzu knife when you can cut fruit with a log splitter?

Video Transcript

Welcome to the first episode of "Will It Split?" I'm Jared.

So, what is the purpose of today's video? Well, if you've ever operated a log splitter, you've probably wondered to yourself, secretly, in that dark place in your brain that we don't talk about in polite company, "What else could I split with this?"

Before we go any further down this dark path together, let's talk for a minute about safety. A hydraulic log splitter like this is capable of generating an enormous amount of force and it could severely injure someone, so do not try this at home. And, it should only be operated by an adult and used for its intended purpose which is to split logs. And, also, there's a chance that you could damage the machine which would not be covered by any manufacturer's warranty that I'm aware of, but with that being said, in the interest of science, let's find out just what will this thing split?

I love watermelon. There's nothing quite as refreshing on a hot summer day as a slice of cool juicy watermelon and to cut up my watermelons, this is usually my go-to implement, but today I'm feeling lazy, so we're going to harness the power of our 3000 PSI 22-gallon-per-minute pump and the 5" ID cylinder on this 700-Series log splitter to help us find out. Will it split?


So, yes, a watermelon will split. But, what if it was frozen? Now, I'm not talking freezer-in-your-kitchen frozen. That's about zero degrees Fahrenheit. You know, if you're up in Grand Forks, or the UP [Upper Peninsula], that's shorts and t-shirt weather. I'm talking -109-degrees-Fahrenheit frozen.


But for this, I'm gonna need a different pair of gloves, because a couple days ago we packed a watermelon in dry ice.


So, let's see just how frozen solid this thing is.

[Bell tone]

Yeah, that's cold.


As long as we're on the fruit theme, let's try a cantaloupe.


So, yes, a cantaloupe will split.

Moving on to something a little smaller, how about an apple? This is a Fuji, my favorite variety of my favorite snack.


Well, that was cool. We answered a question that has mystified scholars for centuries: what happens when you super-cool a watermelon to -109 degrees Fahrenheit and then try to split it with a log splitter? We also split some other fruits and showed that, yep, a lot of fruit can be split with a log splitter. In a pinch, you can make a pretty good emergency fruit salad with your log splitter. Probably don't want to tell your spouse how you did it, though.

So, we had a lot of fun making this video and if you let us know in the comments, we'd be happy to make more episodes. So, be sure to like, share, and subscribe, and visit us at ruggedmade.com. Thanks for watching!