Hydraulic Log Splitter Gear Pump: 2-Stage, 28 GPM

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This 2-stage hydraulic pump combines a large displacement low-pressure pump and a small displacement high-pressure pump. It is ideal for use with log splitters, machine tools, trash compactors, and other applications.

  • 28 GPM flow rate
  • 3,000 pressure rating
  • 5/8" shaft diameter
  • 1.5" shaft length

NOTE: The outlet port for this pump requires a male NPT fitting. To avoid damaging the pump, do not use a straight-thread, O-ring style fitting.

If you also need a hydraulic valve, couplings, or mounting bracket, see Related Products below.

The Ideal Hydraulic Pump for Log Splitters

This 2-Stage pump fits a wide variety of log splitters and outdoor power equipment and works in both horizontal and vertical orientations. The inlet (suction) port is 1" NPT and the minimum suction hose inner diameter (ID) is 1-1/4". The inlet barbed fitting is not included but is available separately. Use a 1-1/4 ID Suction Hose and 3/4" ID high-pressure hose.

Rated for up to 3,000 PSI at 3,600 RPM, this pump features a fast cycle time by moving quickly when unloaded.

Be sure to use AW-32 10-Weight (ISO 32) or AW-46 20-Weight (ISO 46) light hydraulic fluid. This pump is not designed for use with “universal” or "tractor" transmission oil, such as "303". The use of incorrect fluid may damage the pump and void the warranty.

Make sure the hydraulic fluid reservoir is not below the pump to ensure a sufficient flow of fluid to the pump. The hydraulic fluid reservoir should have a capacity of at least 12 gallons to allow sufficient cooling. Suction-side filtration should be no finer than 150 microns. The use of a 10-25 micron filter on the suction side of the pump is too restrictive and will cause failure.

We recommend using an L-style jaw coupling to connect the pump to an engine. Couplings and mounting brackets are available. You should use at least a 20hp engine to maintain 3,600 RPM under load.

The mounting flange on this pump is an SAE-A 2-bolt pattern.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 32-129-PUMP-28
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Part Number: CBDN-22/7
  • Stage Type: 2-Stage
  • Max Flow Rate: 28 GPM
  • Rated / Max Speed: 3,600 RPM
  • Pressure Rating: 3,000 PSI
  • First Stage: 21.5 GPM @ 600 PSI
  • Second Stage: 6.7 GPM @ 3000 PSI
  • Displacement, High: 0.43 cu. in / rev
  • Displacement, Low: 1.38 cu. in / rev
  • Engine Size: 670cc / 20+ hp
  • Hydraulic Fluid Type: AW-32 10-Weight (ISO 32) or AW-46 20-Weight (ISO 46)
  • Inlet Port: 1" NPT(F) for 1-1/4" ID Hose Barb Fitting
  • Outlet Port: 3/4" NPT(F)
  • Rotation Direction: CW
  • Shaft Diameter: 5/8"
  • Shaft Length: 1.5"
  • Shaft Type: straight, 3/16" keyway

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Hydraulic Log Splitter Gear Pump: 2-Stage, 28 GPM

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