Jaw Couplings

Jaw Couplings

Lovejoy Style
Jaw Couplings
Strength & Reliability

Our selection of flexible Lovejoy L-style jaw couplings is perfectly suitable for connecting opposing drive shafts, including those found on log splitter engines and hydraulic pumps. Built from CNC machined solid steel blocks, our hydraulic pump couplings provide superior strength and are precision aligned for a wide variety of uses including agricultural, industrial, and transportation applications. 

RuggedMade hydraulic jaw L-style couplings and rubber spider inserts are available in a wide range of bore diameter sizes (ID). Bore sizes range from 1/4" inch to 1-1/2" inch and come in Lovejoy L-type L050, L075, L095, and L100 styles. Use the chart above to determine the style you need for your application.

L-style log splitter couplings are available individually (as one hub) or as a complete set (two hubs and one elastomer rubber spider insert).

In addition to L-style jaw couplings, we also offer bore shaft couplings.

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