Pump Mount Bracket: Round, 2 Holes, 4.25" Bolt Circle

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Use this bracket to mount a hydraulic pump to a log splitter.

  • Fits 22 and 28 GPM hydraulic pumps
  • Fits many 240cc (8hp) to 420cc (15hp) engines
  • Includes a removable safety cover
  • Housing made of aluminum

Keep Your Hydraulic Pump Securely Connected

This is a metal bracket for mounting a hydraulic pump to an engine. A jaw coupler, sold separately, is used to connect the two shafts. This bracket includes a removable safety cover to keep debris and fingers away from the spinning coupling.

The pump side of the bracket features two holes to match the two-bolt mounting flange common on larger 22 and 28 GPM hydraulic pumps. The bolt mounting holes are threaded. Use M10 bolts.

This bracket fits many horizontal and vertical-shaft engines in the 240cc (8hp) to 420cc (15hp) range. The mounting pattern and dimensions are based on typical Honda GX-series engines. This pattern can also be found on similar engines such as the Predator series from Harbor Freight, Loncin, Raven, and Lifan engines. It may also fit various engines from Kohler and Briggs & Stratton.

This bracket is not guaranteed to fit all engines. Please check the dimensions of the mounting holes on your engine and confirm that this bracket is compatible prior to purchasing.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 72-145-PMOUNT-22-28
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Bracket Length: 5.5"
  • Pump Side Center Hole: 2.75" ID
  • Engine Side Center Hole: 2.75" ID
  • Pump Side Bolt Circle: 4.25" diagonal hole to hole
  • Engine Side Bolt Circle: 5" diagonal hole to hole
  • Pump Side Bolt Holes: M10 x 1.50mm threaded

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Pump Mount Bracket: Round, 2 Holes, 4.25" Bolt Circle

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