How Fast Can Our Souped-Up Log Splitter Fill a Tote?

January 25, 2024

We took a 300-Series RuggedMade log splitter and increased the pump and engine sizes to get a faster cycle time. The results were impressive, but we know we could do more.

Before heading back to the woodyard, our lead technician, Nick, swapped out the fittings and hoses because last time, we had forced the 1" hose onto a 1.25" fitting, which resulted in some tearing in the hose. With this minor improvement, we wondered just how quickly we could fill an IBC tote with firewood using our souped-up wood splitter.

Watch to find out.

Does Hydraulic Hose Size Matter?

The inner diameter of a hydraulic hose is a factor in the flow velocity. If the hose is too small, it can be restrictive and increase the pressure downstream, leading to high flow velocity.

High flow velocity can damage your hoses and cause your hydraulic system to be inefficient.

Installing Bigger Hydraulic HoseInstalling Bigger Hydraulic Hose

The Modifications So Far

We started with an RS-322 RuggedMade log splitter and then made the following modifications:

  • Engine: We replaced the standard 212cc (6.5hp) engine with a 420cc (15hp) engine.
  • Hydraulic Pump: We replaced the standard 13 GPM pump with a 28 GPM pump.
  • Hydraulic Hoses: We made sure the sizes of the fittings and the hoses were properly matched.

So, how fast did Jared and Nick fill up the tote with all these modifications to the log splitter? Sorry, no spoiler alert here. . . , you'll need to watch the video to get the results!

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