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  1. Best Wood for Burning
    Nov 28. 2022

    Best Wood for Burning

    Knowing what type of wood burns well can make or break an enjoyable evening around the fire. Learn about the best wood for burning both in and outdoors.

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  2. How to Fell a Tree: Pro Tips From an Arborist
    Dec 02. 2022

    How to Fell a Tree: Pro Tips From an Arborist

    Line throwing, tree climbing, knot tying, topping, and trimming are all a part of taking down a tree. RuggedMade brand ambassador Jake Pollack is a professional arborist who has mastered all of these skills.

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  3. Marking, Bucking, and Splitting Firewood at the Woodyard
    Dec 08. 2022

    Marking, Bucking, and Splitting Firewood at the Woodyard

    Before you turn that fallen tree into seasoned firewood, you'll need to cut it into useable lengths. In this video, Jake and Jared demonstrate how to mark, buck, and split a newly fallen birch tree in the DudeRanchDIY woodyard.

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Log Splitter Mods Part III: Seeking a 5-Second Cycle Time

Can increasing rod size improve cycle time on a souped-up log splitter? RuggedMade tackles that question in our search for speed! Watch as Nick and Jared find out.

February 2, 2024
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How Fast Can Our Souped-Up Log Splitter Fill a Tote?

Can you guess how long it will take for a souped-up log splitter to fill an IBC tote? The answer may surprise you. Watch the team put our splitter to the test.

January 25, 2024
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Boost Log Splitting Speed with Bigger Engine & Pump

Many people ask us about supercharging a log splitter by adding a bigger engine and hydraulic pump. We converted an RS-322 log splitter and rolled it out for a field test to measure the results.

May 2, 2023
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Log Splitter Modifications at Dude Ranch DIY

Watch as RuggedMade Brand Ambassador Jake Pollak from Dude Ranch DIY describes some modifications he made to his RS-700 log splitter.

August 16, 2022
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Behold the Creation of the SnowSplit 3000

When the snow falls and there's still wood to split, the team at RuggedMade got to thinking. . . why not put a wood splitter on skis? That's right, they converted a RuggedSplit 300 into a wood splitter on skis and towed it behind a snowmobile out to the wood yard.

See how it was all created in the RuggedMade machine shop!

March 2, 2022
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