Log Splitter Log Lift Kit: Fits RS-500

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Split wood faster and reduce back strain with this RS-500 hydraulic log lift converter kit from RuggedMade. The kit comes with the parts you need to add a log lift to a log splitter, including:

  • Hydraulic valve
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Upper and lower lift trays
  • Upper and lower lift brackets
  • Mounting plates and hardware
  • Trailer tongue

For later RS-500 models with pre-drilled holes, the kit can be easily bolted onto the splitter.

Installation for earlier RS-500 models requires drilling 16 mounting holes and welding reinforcing gussets to the bracket that connects the tank to the beam. 

With some modifications, you can also use the kit on many other log splitter brands or your own DIY log splitter build project.

Save Time - and Your Back -  With a Log Splitter Log Lift

With this versatile hydraulic log lift kit from RuggedMade, you can avoid excessive back strain and split more wood in less time.  Designed to easily install on later RS-500 log splitter models with pre-drilled holes, you can also use the kit on earlier RS-500 models, other log splitter brands, and your build-it-yourself log splitter project. 

The kit includes:

Log Lift Parts: Horizontal beam adapter bracket • Bipod support legTongue tube with mounting plate Cylinder: 2" bore, 8" stroke, 1.25" rodControl valve • Dual control valve platform • Valve mounting spacer plate • Lower lift trayUpper lift trayLower bracketUpper bracketPin: 1" OD x 8.5" L with clipsPin: 1" OD x 4.6" L with clipsPin: 1" OD x 4" L with clipsTwo hydraulic male fittings: 3/8" NPT(M) x 3/4"-16UNF (1/2" JIC 37°)Two hydraulic male fittings: 3/4" NPT x 3/4"-16UNF (1/2" JIC 37°) • Hydraulic male fitting: 3/4" NPT x 3/4" NPT straight fittingTwo lift tray hitch pins with clips • Hydraulic hoses

Mounting Hardware: Tongue and tank to beam: M12x40 bolts (x 8), M12 lock nuts (x 8) • Log lift lower bracket: M10x50 flange bolts (x 4), M10 locking nuts (x 4) • Mounting valve platform to log knockoff: M10x25 hex bolts (x 4), M10x25 washers (x 4), M10x25 lock nuts (x 4) • Mounting two single spool valves to valve platform: M8x45 hex bolts (x 6), M8 lock nuts (x 6) • Mounting narrow body valve to valve platform: 3/8-16 x 3/4" hex bolts (x 4), 3/8 washers (x 4), 3/8 spring washers (x 4)

Technical Details

  • SKU: 48-563-LOGLIFT-500HV
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Body Material: Steel

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Log Splitter Log Lift Kit: Fits RS-500

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