Log Splitter Valve Handle Kit: Fits RuggedMade & Energy Hydraulic Valves

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This handle kit for log splitter hydraulic valves comes with:

  • Handle lever and grip
  • Chain link
  • Mounting bracket and screws

This is the OEM replacement handle kit for the Energy Manufacturing 20 GPM hydraulic valve (model 0C000908).

It also fits the RuggedMade 30 GPM, 1/2" work port and RuggedMade 30 GPM, 3/4" work port hydraulic valves and valves found on many other log splitters.

Hydraulic Valve Handle Kit From Energy Manufacturing

This OEM valve handle kit is designed for log splitters equipped with a 4-way tandem center pressure relief auto return detent hydraulic valve. It is the handle kit found on the Energy Manufacturing 20 GPM valve and the RuggedMade 30 GPM valve.

It also fits valves on many popular hydraulic log splitters from Speeco, Brave, Dirty Hand Tools, Huskee, County Line, Yardmax, MTD, Northern Tool, and others. Check the specifications and dimensions for your valve before ordering.

Manufactured in the USA by Energy Manufacturing, the mounting bracket center hole diameter is 0.9" inches while the mounting bolt holes measure 1.85" inches center to center.

The handle can be installed in the 0° or 180° position.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 35-030-0032
  • Manufacturer: Energy Manufacturing
  • Part Number: 0A002851

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Log Splitter Valve Handle Kit: Fits RuggedMade & Energy Hydraulic Valves

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