Log Splitter Towing Tongue & Hitch: Fits RS-300

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This is the tongue and coupler hitch assembly found on the RS-300 series RuggedMade log splitters. The assembly includes:

  • Tongue x 1 (PN:W3.02)
  • Coupler x 1 (PN: 778423)
  • Coupler Bolt Spacer: 22 x 1.5-44 x 2 (PN: 1010045)
  • Hex Bolt: M12-1.75 x 75 x 2 (PN: 4010076)
  • Nylon Locking Hex Nut: M12-1.75 x 2 (PN: 82272)

Safety chains and other hardware are not included.

Log Splitter Towing Assembly

Use this assembly to replace the towing tongue and hitch coupler on all towable RS-300 series log splitters. You may also be able to use this assembly If you're building your own log splitter.

The assembly is 33-1/2" long x 2" wide x 2-3/4" high. The coupler fits a 2" ball.

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