Log Dolly and Binder Demonstration

In this Logging Tool video, take a closer look at the RuggedMade Log Dolly and Binder. The chain and binder allow you to secure a single large log or several smaller logs safely, and the pneumatic tires make for easy pulling over all kinds of terrain.

Video Transcript

I'm Jared with RuggedMade. Today we're looking at our log dolly. The log dolly is a really handy tool for moving logs around your property. This unit is rated for up to 440 pounds and a max log diameter of 20 inches. So, let's go see it in action.

Now, typically, you'll be moving around a log that you've already cut to length for splitting such as 18, 20, 24 inches, but you can fit up to a 48 inch log on here and it will still be balanced. It's got pneumatic tires, so it handles uneven terrain nicely. If you don't want to just move a single large log, you can also put multiple smaller diameter logs on here. And to keep your logs from sliding off, it comes standard with a chain and a binder that'll cinch down and these teeth will bite into the log and that'll keep everything secure. We also have an assembly video for this, so be sure to check that out.