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SC8 Scarifier: Five-Tooth Carbide Tip Cutter Drum

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The RuggedMade SC8 Scarifier can tackle the most demanding concrete and asphalt surface preparation jobs. The high-rotation/impact performance is suitable for a variety of uses including surface milling, planing, and cleaning. Features include:

  • Honda GX160 (5hp) four-stroke gas engine
  • 8-inch cutting width
  • SD500 five-tooth tungsten carbide tip cutter drum
  • Cutting depth adjustment conveniently mounted on top of the control column
  • Comfortable handle with a column-mounted engine kill switch
  • Front-mounted lifting handle makes for easy lifting when transporting
  • 1.5-inch vacuum port for clean operation
  • Anti-vibration mounts make for comfortable operation

This scarifier comes with a cutter drum described above. We also sell cutter drums separately. To order an additional drum, see the list below.

High speed, high impact performance

The RuggedMade SC8 Scarifier is a versatile machine suitable for scarifying a range of surfaces. It is powered by a reliable Honda GX160 engine and can be used to level walkways, joints, and other misaligned surfaces to address trip hazards.

This SC8 model comes with a five-tooth tungsten carbide tip cutter drum. This drum is a great choice for concrete and asphalt leveling, pavement grooving, and non-slip surfacing.

The SC8 will remove material faster than a grinder type of leveler thanks to the high rotation speed and impact effect of the many independent cutting wheels. Its eight-inch wide cutting path provides easy control while delivering high productivity. The SC8 is a walk-behind manual push design. The depth of the cut is easily and precisely controlled with a control knob.

The SC8 features anti-vibration reducing mounts, sealed bearings, durable wheels to ease in moving around the site, and a front-mounted handle for easier lifting when transporting.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 51-SCAR-SC8-HD-SD500
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade

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SC8 Scarifier: Five-Tooth Carbide Tip Cutter Drum

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