Nathan Unveils New Log Splitter at the Sawmill

Nathan Unveils New Log Splitter at the Sawmill
November 2, 2022

Many of our RuggedMade customers have a deep understanding and appreciation of trees. Nathan, who hosts the popular YouTube channel Out of the Woods, is a great example.

Running a sawmill in northeast Tennessee, Nathan (a RuggedMade brand ambassador) does it all. He's a master craftsman on the milling machine producing kiln-dried floorboards and many other amazing products.

His knowledge of the tree species he harvests on his homestead is quite impressive.  Tennesse hickory, black walnut, butternut, poplar, sassafras, and even an exotic Paulownia,  are just a few of the species that Nathan has expertly milled on his homestead.

In the spring of 2022, Nathan decided to expand his operation. With the addition of a RuggedMade log splitter, he's now turning unusable saw logs into firewood, providing another revenue source for his business.

Nathan calls himself a “jack of all trades, master of none” and is a true DIY'er. In this video, you can watch as Nathan prepares his RuggedMade 37-ton log splitter for use at the sawmill.

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