Cal Poly Students Build a Tractor-Mounted Crane

Cal Poly Students Build a Tractor-Mounted Crane
October 20, 2022

Cal Poly students in the College of Agriculture love to develop solutions to improve farming practices and techniques. One common problem farmers face is how to lift and maneuver heavy loads around the farm.

The obvious answer is to use a crane. But purchasing a standalone crane is not practical for most farming operations. So, a group of students came up with a creative solution. . . build a crane that could be attached to the back of a typical farming tractor!

When we learned they had purchased a RuggedMade hydraulic cylinder for the project, we asked if they could tell us their story about how they designed, fabricated, and tested this useful tractor attachment. Watch the video to learn how they applied knowledge gained in the classroom to develop a real-world solution for farmers.

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