Peavey: 48" Length

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With the RuggedMade Peavey logging tool, you can easily roll and maneuver logs without the stress of handling them by hand.

  • Carbon steel hook end
  • Durable hardwood handle
  • Handles logs up to 21" diameter
  • 48" length 

Pick and Roll at the Wood Pile

Avoid maneuvering logs by hand with the RuggedMade 48" Peavy logging tool.

Use the carbon steel spike to pry apart logs stacked in a pile. The endpoint tab on the hook allows you to securely grasp a log.

The long handle is designed to apply additional leverage when handling and rolling logs.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 83-500-0066
  • Handle Material: Hardwood
  • Hook Material: High-carbon steel
  • Jaw Opening: 17"
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Max Log Diameter: 21"
  • Part Number: 80006
  • Product Weight: 9.5 lbs

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Peavey: 48" Length

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