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HP13-0508 Portable Hydraulic Power Pack: Honda Engine, 5-8 GPM Flow Rate

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This hydraulic power pack provides easy handling with its lightweight, small size, and premium features which include a fold-able handle and two solid wheels that allow you to easily maneuver around the farm or job site.

  • 389cc 13hp Honda GX390 gas engine
  • 5 -8 GPM adjustable flow rate
  • Two 20' foot x 1/2" hoses
  • Quick-connects included


Power Where You Need It

The RuggedMade HP13-0508 Portable Hydraulic Power Pack is an efficient portable hydraulic power source that provides power on demand for conveyors, augers, saws, lifts, hydraulic motors, and a variety of other implements.

The hydraulic pump is controlled with an easily-accessible valve. The valve allows the operator to choose between an adjustable flow rate of 5 to 8 gallons per minute to match the attachment and the job at hand.

The Honda GX390 4-stroke OHV gas engine has plenty of power to get through tough jobs while saving wear and tear on other equipment, such as tractors with PTOs and auxiliary hydraulics.

The HP13-0508 will save time and reduce fuel and maintenance costs while freeing up that other equipment for other jobs. The power pack is protected by a tough steel frame and the reservoir and pump compartment are shielded with a ventilated steel plate. Folding handles and two solid wheels make it easy to maneuver around the farm or job site.

The design of the HP13-0508 allows for easy access to change oil and filters, simplifying maintenance. Standard flat-face quick-connectors make swapping attachments easy and mess-free. The hydraulic control valve is connected to the engine throttle to maintain the correct RPM while under load. A built-in hydraulic fluid temperature and level gauge make it easy to monitor the condition of the hydraulic fluid while the included hour meter helps track when oil changes and other maintenance are due. Two 20' foot long 0.5" hydraulic hoses with flat-face quick-connects are included.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 51-HYDPAK-HP13-0508-HD
  • Length x Width x Height (in.): 30" x 22.5" x 24.5"
  • Engine Displacement: 389cc
  • Engine: Honda GX390, OHV, 4-stroke w/ Pull Start
  • Flow Rate: 5 to 8 GPM (adjustable)
  • Hydraulic Fluid Type: AW-32 10-Weight (ISO 32) or AW-46 20-Weight (ISO 46)
  • Horse Power (hp): 13hp
  • Rated Pressure: 2,000 PSI
  • Reservoir Capacity: 3.17 gal
  • Weight (lbs): 196 lbs
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade

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HP13-0508 Portable Hydraulic Power Pack: Honda Engine, 5-8 GPM Flow Rate

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