Will it Split? Balls

In case you are wondering, can a log splitter split a golf ball? Watch Mike attempt to split a bunch of different sports balls.

Video Transcript

All right, guys. Mike with RuggedMade here today for a very special episode of "Will It Split?" We have our 737-model splitter out here and the premise is pretty simple: we're going to put something down here and see if the splitter will split it. I know, super complicated. Now, we're going to be reaching out to you guys at home as well as people around the shop to see what we want to try to split, but today we decided to keep it simple and what we did was we raided the aisles of a local sporting goods store. So, why don't we check out what the first victim is going to be? Joe, let's see it. And, remember at home, wear eye protection.


All right. Last one of the day is a golf ball. We're not really sure how this one's gonna go. We're gonna try to wedge it in there like some of the other ones, but don't try this one at home. Not quite sure what's gonna happen, but we're in a safe environment and we're going to take a shot.


All right. That was pretty awesome! Turns out the 737 could split a golf ball square in two. Didn't necessarily see that coming but that's why we do it. We're just getting started with “Will It Split?” We want to hear from you guys what you want to see split and we're going to keep having a great time with it, so be sure to like and subscribe us at RuggedMade and, yeah. Have a great day!