Dual Valve Platform: One Position

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This RuggedMade dual valve platform is designed to secure two valves onto the beam of a log splitter. With this platform, valves can be aligned in only one position straight down the center line of the beam.

  • Hole patterns can accommodate two valves
  • The base is compatible with older RS-700 log splitters

This valve platform has holes pre-drilled to mount one or two standard "pancake" style single spool log splitter valves, such as a typical Prince RD-2500 series control valve. The 33-135-VALV-01 and 33-135-VALV-02 valves by RuggedMade follow the same mounting pattern and form factor as the Prince RD-2500 series.

This is the standard valve mounting platform for the RuggedMade RS-700 series of log splitters. It can also be modified and adapted for a variety of other applications and to be installed on other makes of log splitters.

The six valve mounting holes on the top of the platform are elongated M8 oval holes to allow for connecting two valves with a straight fitting.

The four lower holes for mounting the platform onto a log splitter take M10 bolts.

Refer to images for detailed dimensions.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 72-010-3004
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Part Number: W2.13-04

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Dual Valve Platform: One Position

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