Assembling the Log Dolly and Binder

In this video, we're unboxing and assembling the RuggedMade Log Dolly & Binder with 440-LB Capacity. This dolly is a great way to move a log or load of logs across all types of terrain.

Video Transcript

I'm Jared with RuggedMade. Welcome to our unboxing and assembly video for the 440-LB RuggedMade Log Dolly. This dolly comes with a binding chain and binder. Assembly is pretty straightforward. It just requires some basic hand tools. You'll need a 12mm and a 13mm wrench or a combination of a wrench and a socket. There's cotter pins, so you'll want to use a set of pliers for those, and there's one point during assembly where we attach this handle to the body where a set of these clamps or vice clamps or a c-clamp can give you that extra third hand that'll make it a lot easier. So, follow along with us at home and let's get started.

Everything you'll need to assemble the log dolly is provided in the kit. The hardware and binder chain are in the white bag.


Let's start by assembling the handle. The rubber grips should come pre-installed on the handle. Next, insert the handle into the connector tube. Secure the handle to the connector tube using the two M8x35 bolts with washers and lock nuts. The heads of the bolts take a 12mm socket and the nuts take a 13mm socket. Now, mount the handle and connector assembly to the body of the log dolly. Use the four M8x20 bolts with washers and lock nuts. This is where a set of vice grips or a c-clamp can be handy to keep the two flanges mounted to each other while you insert the bolts. The heads of these bolts are also 12mm and the nuts take a 13mm wrench.

In step 3, install the wheels. These wheels feature pneumatic tires, so make sure the valve stem is facing to the outside. The axle has holes at both ends for cotter pins. Insert the axle into the tube welded on the bottom of the log dolly body. Feed the axle through one of the wheels. Secure it using one of the M12 washers and a cotter pin. Bend the tips of the cotter pin back to prevent it from falling out. Now, do the same on the other side.

In step 4, insert the four plastic plugs into the openings on the frame of the log dolly. These plugs prevent debris from getting into the tubes. The dolly comes equipped with a binder chain and binder latch. These are used to secure logs to the dolly.

That completes the assembly for the 440-LB Capacity RuggedMade Log Dolly. Thank you for joining us.