Stroke Restrictor Plate for 700-Series 30-Inch Stroke (PN: W2.13.01-05)

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Fits: RS-700 Series log splitters with 30 inch stroke

This is a stroke restrictor plate that can be used to shorten cycle time. Most log splitters, including all RuggedSplit models, feature a valve with a return detent. The operator holds the valve lever against spring tension to extend the cylinder rod. Then the operator moves the lever into the "retract" position. The detent holds the lever in this position until the rod fully retracts, at which point it automatically shifts into neutral.

What about when you want to split shorter rounds? The RS-737-30 can spit up to a 30 inch log, but sometimes you just want to split 16-18 inch rounds. Waiting for the rod to retract all the way consumes valuable time, but the return detent conveniently leaves your hands free to prep the next log. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to have the rod stop before it retracts completely without having to manually shift the lever into neutral?

Our stroke restrictor plate achieves this by tricking the valve into thinking the rod has fully retracted. It clamps to the top surface of the beam using two holes and two large wing nuts (available separately - see below). The push plate slides along the beam while retracting. When the push plate hits the stroke restrictor, pressure spikes in the valve, just like it does when the piston bottoms out inside the cylinder. This spike in pressure causes the valve to shift to neutral. Now you are ready to start spitting the next log from this position partway along the beam.

This stroke restrictor is compatible with 700 series RuggedSplit log splitters that have a 30 inch stroke. These models come with two additional sets of holes in the top surface of the beam. One position allows you to split logs up to 24 inches in length. The other position is for splitting logs up to 20 inches in length. (Note that 700 series splitters with a 24 inch maximum stroke use a different version of the stroke restrictor.) 

Wing Nut SKU: 72-020-0003 (Requires 2, available separately)

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