Stroke Restrictor Plate: RS-700 Log Splitters

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This RuggedMade stroke restrictor plate fits all RS-700 series log splitters,

  • Removable threaded pins
  • Solid steel

Wing nuts to secure the pins are sold separately. See Related Products below.

Shortens Log Splitter Cycle Times

This RuggedMade heavy-duty plate is designed to reduce the return stroke for shorter cylinder cycles. It is designed to fit all 24" and 30" stroke RS-700 series RuggedMade log splitters.

When secured to the beam, it reduces the distance the push plate must travel before tripping the valve lever into the neutral position. For example, when operating a RS 737 30" stroke log splitter, you may want to split 18" rounds. Without the stroke restrictor in place, the cylinder retracts the full 30 inches before triggering the return detent to shift the valve into neutral.  With this restrictor plate in place, you can shorten the return stroke to 24" or 20", saving you valuable time each time you split a round.

The removable pins allow you to swivel the plate out of the way when you want to utilize the full cylinder stroke.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 72-010-3005-002
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Body Material: Steel

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Stroke Restrictor Plate: RS-700 Log Splitters

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