Meet the RuggedMade MH125 Plate Compactor

The RuggedMade MH125 Hydraulic Reversible Vibratory Plate Compactor is heavy and powerful, and features smooth hydraulic controls for speed and convenience. Powered by a 5 HP Honda GX160 4-stroke gas engine, the MH125 is reliable and fuel efficient.

Equipped with a large 26" x 16" heavy-duty iron base plate, the MH125 produces a compaction force of 5,625 pounds per square foot and is capable of compacting soils up to 16 inches deep while traveling at up to 80 feet per minute.

Video Transcript

Welcome back to RuggedMade. I'm Jared. Today, we're looking at the MH125 Reversible Plate Compactor with Hydraulic Controls. This high-performance compactor is made by Masalta. It weighs in at 260 pounds. The plate is 16” wide x 26” long for effective coverage. It has a vibrating frequency of 5,400 vibrations per minute. The MH125 compacts up to 18” depending on the material, so it can be used for all kinds of tough compacting jobs. The front and back edges of the plate are angled to prevent it from digging in. It'll ride up and over loose material so that the main part of the plate can compact it. A thick tube steel protective cage is standard on the MH125. The cage protects the engine and it provides a lifting point for loading and unloading. The MH125 is powered by a reliable and efficient Honda GX160 gas engine. The GX160 features overhead valves, a ball bearing-supported crankshaft, and a cast iron cylinder sleeve for high performance and durability. As with any carbureted gas engine, be sure to only use fresh, high-octane fuel. The GX160 comes with a low-oil cutoff switch. Be sure to check your engine oil level before each use. Note that compactors usually ship without engine oil. Under the belt cover, there's a heavy duty clutch and a belt. The belt is a 17 x 737 Li. The part number is XPA777. The belts are available from our site. The heavy duty clutch disengages when the engine is idling, so you don't need to shut the engine down to stop the compactor from moving. The engine platform is separated from the base and the vibrator unit by four heavy-duty rubber isolator mounts. The vibrator unit features two eccentric weights for smooth and precise directional control and increased compaction force. The MH125 can change directions simply by moving the handle forward or backward. The forward reverse controls are hydraulic, so they're infinitely variable. This allows the operator to control the speed precisely for close-in work. The control column locks vertically for storage and transportation. 2 thick rubber pads separate the operator from most of the vibration. A remote throttle is mounted on the control column for convenience. The MH125 excels at compacting patios, driveways, sidewalks, doing road repair, and many other applications. Owning a compactor like this makes a lot of sense when you add up the cost of renting a machine over and over again. It's reversible design means you'll spend less time and energy turning it around. The hydraulic controls are user-friendly and low maintenance. This concludes our introduction to the Masalta MH125. Visit us at for more information or call us at 855-8-RUGGED. That's 855-878-4433. Thank you for watching.