Log Splitter Log Knock-Off

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The RuggedMade log knock-off easily strips stubborn logs from the blade when the cylinder rod retracts. It fits on all RuggedSplit Series 500 log splitters and is ideal for use with a 4-way splitting wedge.

Knocks Stubborn Logs Off Your Log Splitter Blade

Our log knock-off is heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel construction, made to last. When the rod retracts it strips even the most stubborn, green, or twisted and knotty logs off your blade. The right side extends farther to protect the engine and fuel tank on some splitters.

This knock-off is ideal for use with the 4-way wedge blade with removable wings found on the RuggedSplit Series 500 log splitters.

It also fits many other brands of log splitters, or you can install it on your own DIY splitter. Be sure to check the picture showing the dimensions before ordering for use with non-RuggedMade log splitters.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 72-145-LOGKNOCK-A
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Body Material: Steel

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Log Splitter Log Knock-Off

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