Splitting Wood at the Gateway Farm

Splitting Wood at the Gateway Farm
March 2, 2022

Trent and Abby, owners of the Gateway Farm in Vermont, know how to produce absolutely fantastic, real Vermont maple syrup. It takes dedication, craftmanship, mother nature's cooperation, and a whole lot of firewood to keep the sugar house rolling during the production season.

The RuggedMade team took a road trip to the Green Mountains of Vermont to meet up with Trent and Abbey at their farm. The RuggedMade crew got to learn a little bit about sugaring and got a chance to fire up a RuggedSplit 700 series 28-ton log splitter that was put to good use cranking out lots of fuel for the Gateway Farm sugar house woodpile.

We should also mention that there's nothing like the decadence of sipping maple syrup straight from the bottle.

Catch this video for the road trip highlights, and be sure to check out the Gateway Farm website before you start flipping your next batch of pancakes.

Of course, it wouldn't have been an excellent road trip without a roadside mishap and inventive repair. See how Trent from the Gateway Farm helped the RuggedMade rig get rolling again after a wheel on the trailer flew into a ditch. Here's to Yankee ingenuity!

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