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RSD400 Single Vibratory Roller: 12" Depth, Honda Engine

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The RSD400 single drum roller is ideally suited for smaller construction and maintenance jobs such as footpaths, bridges, asphalt patching, driveways, parking lots, and landscaping application.

  • Reversing safeguard and deadman control
  • 12" compaction depth
  • Self-cleaning scrapers
  • Removable water tank
  • Honda GX160 163cc engine

Built to Tackle Tough Compaction Jobs

The RSD400 Walk Behind Single Drum Vibratory Roller Compactor is an ideal solution for professional contractors, construction companies, asphalt patching repair agencies, and public works departments. The versatile RSD400 is suitable for compacting cohesive and granular soils, construction aggregate, asphalt paving, blacktop patching, concrete walkways, patios, and landscaping applications.

Different from other conventional chain or belt-driven rollers on the market, this machine is equipped with a fully-featured hydraulic drive system that combines a hydraulic pump and motor to power both mechanical movement and vibration output. Powered by the GX160 163cc gas engine, you can adjust the traveling speed and vibration frequency with ease, eliminating the need to stop operating the machine in order to make periodic adjustments that other chain-driven rollers require.

The accessible controls, compact design, and minimal side clearance allow for easy maneuvering around walls, curbs, and other obstacles. The compaction depth ranges from 8" on cohesive soils to 12" on granular soils. The unit comes with a beveled drum edge to reduce surface markings.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 51-COMP-RSD400-HD
  • Centrifugal Force kN / Pounds: 28.5 / 6,407
  • Drum (ID): 30" widest point
  • Engine Brand: Honda GX160
  • Frequency VPM / Hz: 4560 / 76
  • Static Linear Force N/cm: 10
  • Travel Speed (mph): up to 1.5 mph
  • Water Tank Capacity (gal): 4
  • Weight: 406 lbs
  • Compaction Depth: 12"

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RSD400 Single Vibratory Roller: 12" Depth, Honda Engine

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