Meet the RuggedMade 6-Way Blade

Over the years, we've had plenty of requests for new products, but undoubtedly the product we've been asked about most is adding a 6-way blade compatible with our splitter. You asked, and we listened! Introducing the RuggedMade 6-Way Blade, the perfect complement to the standard 4-way blade and welcome addition to your blade family!

In this video, we discuss the 6-way blade's measurements and how to get the most productivity out of it while also showing it in action. Nothing beats a smooth 6-way split that leaves you with six gorgeous pieces ready for use!

Video Transcript

Welcome back to RuggedMade. I'm Jared and this is one of our 700-Series log splitters. I know what you're thinking, “Why only the straight blade? How do you get productivity out of that and what if you need smaller pieces?” If you've been following RuggedMade for a while, you probably know that all of our 700-Series splitters come standard with a slip-on, four-way blade.

A four-way blade like this more than doubles productivity and once you've had a taste of the four-way life, there's no going back. But, what's that you say? You want even more productivity? Well, the number one feature request we've had from folks is a six-way blade. You spoke and we listened, so here's our Six-Way blade. It's based on the same simple and rugged design as the slip-on four-way. It's welded out of a 3/8” plate. It's 8.5” tall and it's 2” wide. It's 7.25” from front to back and each of these blades is 3/4" thick and 5” long. The bevels of the upper blades are angled up and the bevels for the lower blades are angled down. This helps the blade float up over some of the logs and minimize binding. There's a plate welded to the top and if your blade has been notched like this, that little plate will prevent the blade from being installed upside down. The Six-Way is welded together and powder coated for durability and if the blades get dull they can easily be sharpened. Used properly to split straight grained seasoned logs up to 20” in diameter, the Six-Way does a beautiful job of breaking those up into 6 smaller pieces greatly reducing the need to re-split. It's not meant to take on big oversized logs, unseasoned hardwood, and logs with lots of knots. Trying those with the Six-Way on just risks damaging the splitter and getting logs jammed underneath. Split those up into smaller pieces with a two-way blade first and then break out the Six-Way. Six-way splits are oh-so satisfying.

This isn't just for people who have a 700-Series log splitter from RuggedMade. A lot of the inquiries we've had for Six-Way blades are from people who are fabricating their own log splitters from scratch or they have a machine from a different company that has a compatible blade size. In fact, we have the blade stock available separately that's a perfect fit for this blade. This blade stock is 16 and 5/8" overall length. It's 6” front to back. It's 1” thick and this machine-cutting edge section is 10.5” long.

If you're ready to take your splitting to the next level, be sure to check out the Six-Way slip-on blade by RuggedMade. It's a great tool to have in your toolbox and it's a great stable mate for the four-way allowing you to match your blade type to what you're splitting.

Thanks for watching.