Log Splitter Wood Catcher Tray

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Log catcher tray catches split wood, no more bending down to pick it up off the ground!

Measures 31" inches wide by 31.5" long

Fits: RS-322, RS-737 Log Splitters

Reduce effort with this catcher tray; When mounted at the end of an RS-300 or RS-700 series RuggedMade log splitter, wood drops just a few inches onto the tray after being split – no more bending down to pick it up off the ground. It keeps the wood waist-high to you can comfortably reach it to place it into the back of a truck. Or place a cart at the foot of the tray and let piece after piece of split wood slide off the tray into cart. Also ideal for use with a conveyor to efficiently stack large piles of fill the back of a big truck.

Attaches to splitter beam with two included D-Ring pintle pins (72-020-0007).

Dimensions: 31" wide, 31.5" long

RuggedMade RS-300 and RS-700 series splitter come with mounting hole pre-drilled. Many customers have adapted this catcher tray to a variety of other makes and models of splitter as well as DIY machines. It works well with horizontal splitters that have a blade welded to the end of the beam. This catcher tray may be unsuitable for typical horizontal/vertical (aka "tip-up") splitters which have a large steel plate welded to the and of the beam.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 72-010-3021
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade

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Log Splitter Wood Catcher Tray

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