Log Splitter Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Tank, 12 Gallon

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steel, axle mount, 12 gallon hydraulic tank

Fits: RS-737 log splitter

PN: W2.13.12

12 Gallon Hydraulic Fluid Tank

  • Replacement hydraulic reservoir tank for the RuggedMade RS-737 log splitter
  • Welded steel hydraulic tank with 12 gallon capacity
  • Welded 1" threaded axles pre-drilled with hole for cotter pin
  • Welded bung for suction fitting: 2" NPT (F)
  • Welded bung for return hose: 3/4" NPT (F)
  • Engine platform accommodates various engine sizes
  • Includes vented fill port cap with dipstick
  • Includes 1/2" NPT drain plug
  • Mounting Bracket: 10.5" x 7"
  • Fender brackets welded to sides (fenders sold separately)

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