1-1/4" x 20" Hydraulic Suction Hose 500 PSI

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1-1/4" ID x 20" Long Hydraulic Suction Hose

RuggedMade hydraulic hoses are constructed to withstand the high pressure put out by our log splitters and are perfectly suited for use on other applications. Designed for use with petroleum and water based hydraulic fluids, our hoses are capable of handling gasoline, diesel fuels, mineral oils, glycol, lubricating oils and more. We stock many different lengths and inner diameter (ID) size options as well as a wide range of both JIC (SAE) and NPT end fittings.

    RuggedMade Hydraulic Hose Specifications
  • Overall Length: 20" 
  • Hose Inner Diameter: 1-1/4" 
  • Working Pressure: 500 PSI 
  • Burst Pressure: 2000 PSI 
  • Hose Type: SAE 100R2 Steel Wire Reinforced Rubber Cover

Technical Details

  • SKU: 35-033-0012
  • Hose ID: 1-1/4"

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1-1/4" x 20" Hydraulic Suction Hose 500 PSI

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