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Walk-Behind Concrete Power Trowel: 24" Base, Honda Engine

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Simple to operate, the ET24 is the ultimate edging power trowel for professional concrete jobs. Powered by a 4.8HP Honda GX160 4-stroke OHV gas engine, the ET24 is perfect for all types of flooring applications and concrete professionals.

Finish the Job With a Super Smooth Surface

The ET24 concrete surface edging power trowel is a low-maintenance and economical solution for troweling small to medium-sized areas. It offers superior performance when you need to get right up to the edges.

The trowel's base comes equipped with four 4.7" x 9" combination blades. The blades are mounted to a 24" diameter rotor, which sits inside a protective shroud. With Its heavy-weight design and independent rotating flywheel, you can achieve a superior surface finish by getting within 0.25" to walls, curbs, poles, and other structures. Power comes from an easy-starting Honda GX160 gas engine.

The ET24 comes standard with a height-adjustable foldable handle, allowing it to be easily transported between job sites and stored when not in use.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 51-TRWL-ET24-HD
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Engine: Honda 163cc (4.8hp)
  • Rotor Diameter (in): 24"
  • Blade Size: 4.7" x 9"
  • Blade Type: Combination Blade
  • Blades: 4
  • Weight (lbs): 145

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Walk-Behind Concrete Power Trowel: 24" Base, Honda Engine

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