Log Splitter Wedge: 4-Way, Removable Wings

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This RuggedMade 4-way wedge with removable wings can split one round into four sections in a single stroke, producing twice as much split wood as a 2-way wedge in the same amount of time. It fits all RuggedSplit 500 Series log splitters and is a great way to save on fabrication time when building a DIY splitter project.

  • Beveled blade design and cast steel construction
  • Guide plates and hardware included
  • Built-in zerk grease fittings
  • Horizontal blades are removable using a 10mm hex wrench

Get More Split Wood Per Stroke

The RuggedMade 4-way wedge with removable wings is found on all RuggedSplit 500 Series log splitters. With the wings attached, you can produce 4 pieces of firewood with one stroke. When splitting larger rounds or rounds with tough knots, you can remove the wings to produce 2 pieces with one stroke.

Guide plates and hardware are included for attaching the wedge to an I-beam. Built-in zerk grease fittings help to reduce wear on the I-beam.

This wedge can also be used with other log splitters that have compatible beam dimensions.

  • Width (base plate): 8.75"
  • Width (4-way blades): 8.50"
  • Length (base plate): 7.50"
  • Cylinder Rod Cup ID: 1.75"
  • Width Between Slider Plates: 6.25" (intended for use on a beam 6" wide and 3/8" thick)
  • Rod Bolt Hole: 0.50"

Technical Details

  • SKU: 72-010-2007
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Part Number: RS-T000
  • Overall Height: 8.5"
  • Body Material: Cast Iron

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Log Splitter Wedge: 4-Way, Removable Wings

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