Buy Hydraulic Fluid, Engine Oil, and/or a Battery with Your Log Splitter and We'll Waive the Shipping Fee!Buy Hydraulic Fluid, Engine Oil, and/or a Battery with Your Log Splitter and We'll Waive the Shipping Fee!
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RuggedSplit 728-30-RE Log Splitter: 28-Ton, Raven 420cc, Log Lift, 30" Stroke

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When your wood splitting mission requires high performance and reliability, this RuggedSplit 700 Series horizontal log splitter has got your back. The features on this RS 728-30-RE model include:

  • 28-ton ram force (ram force shown in images may vary)
  • Raven 420cc engine, OHV, 4-stroke (engine shown in images may vary)
  • Electric start
  • 30" cylinder stroke
  • Variable stroke restrictor
  • 2-way blade and a slip-on 4-way blade
  • Log lift and log catcher tray
  • 12" wheels and steel fenders
  • 2" trailer hitch coupler and chain

All RuggedSplit log splitters come with a one-year parts warranty and access to our highly knowledgeable customer service team.

Purchase a hydraulic fluid starter pack, engine oil, or a battery with this log splitter and we'll waive the shipping fee for these items. See Related Products below for these items.



Meet the RS 728-30-RE

This RS 728-30-RE log splitter delivers impressive power on an elegantly designed platform constructed from commercial-grade materials and components. The horizontal, push-through design utilizes a steel push plate to drive wood against a 2-way blade welded to the end of the solid steel i-beam. When ready to ramp up production, slip on the 4-way blade to crank out four split logs in one powerful stroke.

With this RS 728-30-RE, we truly paired brawn with beauty. Let's start with the hydraulic log lift that easily raises those hefty rounds into the splitting position while a bi-pod support leg provides stability and can fold out of the way when towing. Once a round is split, the extra-wide catcher tray at the blade end keeps logs from dropping to the ground.

This log splitter's power platform features a 420cc Raven electric start engine and a 22 GPM, 2-stage pump.

Dual Valves

Dual Valve PlatformDual Valve Platform

A dual valve power-beyond system can be installed in your choice of multiple positions for truly personalized operation.

Hydraulic Log Lift

Hydraulic Log LiftHydraulic Log Lift

A hydraulic-powered log lift saves your back and doubles as a work table. Just load the rounds and pull the lever.

4-Way Blade

4-Way Blade4-Way Blade

Four is always better than two! Maximize efficiency and minimize splitting time with a 4-way slip-on blade.

Fast Cycle Time

3.5" Cylinder Rod3.5" Cylinder Rod

A 3.5" cylinder rod, 3/4" work ports, and 3/4" hoses help to reduce cycle times. No more wasted time between rounds!

Ergonomics & Speed

While RuggedSplit log splitters are engineered to handle the tough stuff, they are also a breeze to operate. The waist-height beam means less bending over and less back strain. The optional work table is covered with a solid steel sheet to slide partial rounds off to the side while you split. There is no need to straddle the wheel and tank to reach the dual valve power-beyond system, which mounts on a platform located up high over the main cylinder. The main cylinder valve has an auto-return detent.

The enormous 3.5" rod makes for a rapid return stroke, reducing overall cycle time. Big, free-flowing 3/4" ports on the cylinder, connected by 3/4-inch hoses to 3/4" ports on the valves, mean no bottlenecks in the hydraulic system.

You can install the dual valves in five different positions onto their platform: 45 or 90-degree angles to either side of the beam or straight down the centerline -- you decide what's best for how you want to operate the splitter.

The RuggedSplit Difference

RuggedSplit log splitters feature commercial-grade design and construction at a price the average homeowner can afford. Precision laser-cut steel; strong, solid welds throughout; and powder coating for long-lasting protection mean our wood splitters will stand the test of time. We only use steel-reinforced hoses, heavy-duty steel fittings, and steel-grade hardware to withstand the high pressures, force, and power our splitters provide. We stand behind our product 100% because we know we have engineered a firewood splitter that you can rely on, cord after cord, season after season.

Technical Details

  • SKU: 48-563-728-30-RT15EC-22-LLK
  • Manufacturer: RuggedMade
  • Style: Horizontal
  • Series: RS-700
  • Model: RS 728-30-RE
  • Ram Force: 28-Ton
  • Stroke:

    The distance the cylinder rod end travels from fully retracted to fully extended.

  • Stroke Restrictor Settings:

    The distance the cylinder rod end travels from fully retracted to fully extended when the stroke restrictor plates are attached. Reducing the cylinder stroke will decrease the time it takes for the cylinder to return to the retracted position.

    24" and 20" length
  • Cylinder Dimensions: 4.5" bore (ID) x 30" stroke x 3" rod (OD)
  • Cycle Time:

    The average time it takes for the push plate to travel a round trip between the fully retracted and extended positions. Time can vary depending on the density of the wood being split.

    14 sec out/back unloaded
  • Engine: Raven 420cc (15hp)
  • Starting: Electric & pull start
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.72 gal
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 1.06 qt
  • Pump: 22 GPM (2-stage)
  • Valve: Auto-return; 3/4" NPT in/out and work ports
  • Hoses: High-pressure, steel re-enforced
  • Hydraulic Fluid Tank Capacity: 12 gal
  • Hydraulic Fluid Type: AW-32 10-Weight (ISO 32) or AW-46 20-Weight (ISO 46)
  • Beam (L x W x H): 80" x 6.9" x 6.9" solid steel i-beam
  • Beam Working Height: 29.41"
  • Wedge Type: 2-way; 4-way (slip-on)
  • Wedge Height: 11"
  • Max Log Length: 30"
  • Max Log Diameter: 24"
  • Log Lift Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Log Cradle (L x W x H): 14" x 9" x 8.5"
  • Log Catcher Tray (W x L): 31" x 31.5"
  • Log Catcher Tray Height:

    The height of the log catcher tray from level ground to the bottom front edge of the tray.

  • Tongue Stand: Folding bi-pod brace
  • Trailer Hitch Coupler: Fits 2" ball
  • Tires / Wheels: 4.80-12 DOT pneumatic tires / 12" wheels
  • Max Tow Speed: 40 mph
  • Product Weight: 945 lbs
  • Assembled (L x W x H): 100" x 50" x 45"
  • Shipping Weight: 995 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 88.5" x 31" x 23"
  • Warranty: 1 year parts

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RuggedSplit 728-30-RE Log Splitter: 28-Ton, Raven 420cc, Log Lift, 30" Stroke

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